po4a (PO for anything) 项目的目标是要减轻使用 gettext 工具进行文档的翻译 (以及维护翻译) 的负担,而 gettext 工具并不像我们所期望的能够在文档翻译领域做得那么好。

po4a extracts the translatable material from the original document, and places it into a PO file that is well adapted to the translation work.

Once the translation is completed in the PO file, po4a re-injects the translation into the structure of the document to generate a translated document.

If the translation is only partially completed, the original (english) text is used instead. This ensures that your translated documentation is always both up to date with regard to the original one, and as translated as possible.

You can fully automatize the translation maintainance with a single configuration file, specifying all settings and the list of documents to translate. With this information, po4a automatically detectermines the files to update when something changes.


po4a currently supports the following formats:

2017-03-28 - po4a 0.51 released

This release introduces many many bugfixes and some new developments (more details).

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